The early release of ”You Have To Imagine Us Happy” is up for download


The Dawning of Industrial Jazz is finally here. Our album ”You have to imagine us happy” takes you from the moist depths of Hades to the buzzing inside of a schizophrenic beehive. On the journey you will be accompanied by biblical madmen, the ghost of Dostojevskij and the zombie version of Screamin’ Jay Hawkins.

– Enjoy.

Your welcome to download the early edition for free at our bandcamp.

If you want an extra luxurious Fon Restorff listening-experience we suggest that you read the listening instructions on our blog.

Finally, a release date and party!

Poster Fon Restorff

Finally, the time has come: ”You have to imagine us happy” will be released. 24/10/14 is the number of the beast.

We’ve been burnt out, disillusioned but will at last give birth to our first true creation.

The release party will be thrown at the classic hardcore/punk/alternative scene Gula Villan. Support: The French Screamo-band Cyclamen.
Doors open at 19:00, entrance is 60:- sek (cash only) and our very own hit-drink will be served, consisting of 50% capsaicin-shock and 50% fruity swedish welfare state. Sounds intriguing, doesn’t it?
Facebook event and more info


Fon Restorff Live @ Releaseparty: ”Himmelstrand” by John Ajvide


Fon Restorff will do a short gig at the releaseparty for John Ajvide Lindqvist’s long awaited Novel Himmelstrand (Transl: Himmel=Sky Strand=beach). The title refers to the swedish composer Himmelstrand who has almost drifted into total oblivion despite writing numerous hits and more than 3000 (yes, 3000) lyrics.

Here’s a hastily made translation of a small excerpt from his greatest hit ”It seems like love, darn it:”

”Yesterday I went with you to a chickflick
Even though I prefer Bam-Bam!
And then we sat down and listened to a string quartet
I who just like Wham-Wham!

”I går kväll gick jag med dej på en snyftare
fast jag ville gå på pang-pang
Och se’n satt jag och hörde på en stråkkvartett
Jag som bara gillar dang-dang ”

A lot of translators will surely scratch their heads  while trying to translate the Himmelstrand quotes used in the book.

Since John is a fan of Depeche Mode we’ve decided to cram the stage with synthesizers and rework the whole setlist. We will also debut a quite violent song that will signal the end of the old Fon Restorff and the coming of our new age.

In the meantime, you will have to do with the old Fon Restorff:

The release party will take place at Södra Bar (Stockholm), the 16th of September, 20.00 and entrance is free.

More info:
Homepage of John Ajvide
Facebook event

Fon Restorff under attack! (Return of the killer plumbers IV)

Apparently, scientologists, shoe-salesmen, piano-teachers but mostly plumbers has decided to spam our wiki.
A malicious attempt to bring down the Fon Restorff Movement?

Around 200 new wiki-entries per minute certainly slowed our server down… The solution was a handy extension named ”Nuke” or so we thought. The Evil Bots generated unique accounts for every article – meaning that they were Nuke-Proof. Now, the only possible solution is to delete every single article – manually.

”Snake away your plumbing problems today”  *Delete*
”Looking for plumbing tips check out this article” *Delete*
”Simple solutions to problems with your plumbing” *Delete*

It is going to be a very, very long week…
(but the Wiki is at least up and running now
//Fon Restorff

p.s Snake me away please